Top Wedding Trends for 2022


Every year brings new and exciting wedding trends to life. 2022 is no exception. After nearly 2 years of canceled, postponed, and redesigned events to accommodate the new lifestyles during and post-pandemic, there are some surprising and down-right wild trends on the rise.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Bridgerton-Inspired Weddings.

Bridgerton is all the rage and is not only impacting design trends in the wedding world but is even being taken a step further for some, impacting interiors and more. Ever since the wildly popular series hit TV screens, people have been obsessed with the sets, drama, and costumes that make the show what it is. The vintage-style color palettes, romantic exaggerated floral, ruffles, lace, and wax seals make this trend feel like unmatched romance. Whether you’re planning an afternoon tea wedding shower, or evening ceremony and reception, a Bridgerton-inspired wedding is a gorgeous choice.

2022 wedding trends

Bridal Subscription Boxes. 

2022 wedding trends

Bridal boxes are a fun new way to celebrate your engagement throughout the whole planning process. With their increasing popularity, there are a number of really great options that range from two boxes to ongoing monthly boxes throughout the average one-year engagement. One of the most popular that we saw on the market was called the Miss to Mrs. Bridal Subscription Box. This subscription service offers optional monthly or every 2 or 3-month delivery options, all based on your personal wedding date. In addition to the goodies that you find in the mail with each box, you also receive free access to their Planning Bundle, to help you along the way. Each box is packed with full-size products (not just samples). This concept is a great idea for yourself (you can also cancel anytime) or as a gift to your newly engaged friend or family member.

Take a look here to learn more.

“Couples are leaving behind super formal, black-tie celebrations and exploring cocktail style parties, food truck parties, dance parties, everything outside of the typical wedding box,” says Jove Meyer (Jove Meyer Events).

Unusual Wedding Attire. 

When we said there were some wild trends on the horizon, we weren’t kidding. Corset bodices, voluminous skirts, and bridal hoods are all expected to be big in 2022. Many brides will be mixing old and new with accessories like birdcage veils and elbow-length gloves. According to trend experts at

We stopped by and reviewed their most frequently clicked on photos to get some to what the trending wedding stock/photography was focused on. In short, here’s what we found:

  1. Silver was trending up and gold was trending down. Silver was clicked on 140% more than gold.
  2. Pearls over diamonds! This is a new one, but pearls were clicked on 41% more than diamonds.
  3. It’s not just about the wedding dress anymore. Non-gender specific, wedding suits were trending up while gowns were trending down.
  4. Veils, veils and more veils! The veils are back and with a big punch. They were clicked on 150% more than in 2020/2021!

Rust Wedding Color Palette.

For the last couple of years, we’ve seen rust, neutral and nude color palettes making their appearance, but we’re seeing it more than ever in 2022 and we couldn’t love it more. Wondering what to pair with the rust tones to create the perfect wedding day color palette? Deer Pearl Flowers says, “A rust-hued palette adds natural richness to a wedding with shades of copper, terra cotta and orange.”

2022 wedding trends

We love the contrast with the cool sage green, fern green and cream!

2022 wedding trends

The pop of yellow and warmth creates a beautiful Sedona-like palette.


Weekday Weddings.

All rules changed after the pandemic. More people currently work from home than ever before. During 2020 and 2021 a lot of couples turned to smaller backyard ceremonies for safety purposes, which seemed to open the door to weddings any day of the week, of any shape, theme or size. Luckily, The Cinnamon Barn does offer venue booking 7 days a week, along with discounted rates for weeknight events. Learn more about our pricing options here.


Non-Traditional Floral.

From flower walls to flower arches, the unique floral trends are making a comeback in 2022. Expect to see reception areas full of gorgeous florals, from floral walls as photo backdrops to floral arches in doorways. They are a great way to sprinkle in your wedding flowers as well as a touch of color throughout your wedding reception area.

In addition to the new large floral pieces, expect to see more dried flowers incorporated into the mix. Mixing dried flowers into bouquets can create a decorative bouquet that is earthy, unique, and of course, beautiful. Adding in greenery with the dried flowers allows the florals in the arrangements to become more visible. It creates lovely contrast as centerpiece arrangements, on walls around the reception space, or even attached to outdoor gazebos.


Specialty Vendors.

Your wedding should be all about you and your soon-to-be-spouse, so go nuts! Whether you are looking for a live painter to capture your special day as it’s happening, a unique mobile bartending service, an interactive photo booth station, a coffee cart, balloon arches, or even live animals for hire (think donkey drink delivery service), the options are truly endless.


Intimate Weddings.

While the wedding boom is certainly here, and some have been waiting patiently and now ready to throw blowout events, others have opted for the intimacy that a micro-wedding creates. In most cases, an intimate wedding goes hand-in-hand with a small, private, guestlist consistency of mostly family and a few key friends, but that’s not always the case. Creating an intimate wedding isn’t always about the guestlist. The intimate feeling can also come from creating and designing key cozy spaces throughout the event that encourage connection and a feeling of closeness. Whether your guest list is 50 or 150, think about the environment and experience you’d like your guests to have. If you want to create these special moments, consider working with a rental company to create small furniture “vignettes” that guests can gather around. Think about the small details, beyond the large furniture pieces, consider adding layers of texture with rugs, additional lighting, and textiles.

Now that you know what to expect in 2022, there are also a few trends that seem to be taking a backseat from years past:

  • The bouquet and garter toss
  • Traditional wedding favors
  • Typical wedding registries filled with tangible items

Are you interested in touring The Cinnamon Barn property and bringing your dream wedding plans to life? Take a look at our latest renderings to see the beauty that is in the works during the construction phase, and contact us today to start planning!


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