Beat the Summer Heat on Your Wedding Day

Beat the Summer Heat on Your Wedding Day

It’s the heart of summer in Texas, and we all know what that means… IT’S HOT, HOT, HOT! With the next few weeks (and maybe longer) projected in the 100-degree plus temperatures, it’s essential that you consider the protection and comfort of your guests and wedding party for your summer wedding.

Here are a few of our top hot wedding day tips:

Time of Day: For starters, you should plan to pay close attention to the time of day. Whether you are having a portion of your ceremony, cocktail hour, or even reception outside, the last thing you want is to worry about heat complications or even heat stroke with any of your guests, which can happen quickly when temperatures are as high as they are in the Texas summer.

Remember, while the sun and shade are important to consider for your event, this can also be a great idea to consider the beauty of a sun setting in your photographs. Talk to your photographer about suggested ideal times, or what they consider to be the “golden hour” for your photographs.

Wedding Party Attire and Looks: Generally bridesmaids have it a little easier in this department if the traditional bridesmaids’ dresses are selected. In contrast, finding attire for men can be challenging. From tuxedos to suits, men’s attire can be excessively hot in the summer sun. Although Texas may not be considered a typical “destination” event location, consider similar attire styles as a destination would typically require if you plan to have an outdoor ceremony in the Texas summer heat.

Beyond clothing, consider how the heat will affect hair and makeup. It’s hard enough for most brides and bridesmaids to tame their hair into a perfect, flowing ‘do. Add in heat and humidity, and long curls or waves will be disastrous. To fight frizz and humidity, ladies should try pulling part or all of their hair off their face and neck to stay cool and picture perfect.

According to Wedding Wire, here are a few tips for your wedding day makeup.

Cleanse, prime, choose products, and set.

“These four steps are key to making your summer wedding makeup last,” says Jennifer Adams of Formal Faces in Atlanta, Georgia. “For makeup, wash your face, apply a primer, use a high-quality foundation, and finish it off with a setting spray.”

Stay inside as long as possible.

“If it’s incredibly humid outside, the best thing you can do is wait inside until the very last minute,” says Jennifer. “This is especially important for your hair. Waterproof makeup really works (you can waterski in waterproof mascara!), but there is no hairstyle or hair product that will stand up to rain or humidity.” So once you’re ready to go, wait it out until it’s time to head down the aisle.

Rinse your face with cold water.

After washing your face with a cleanser, rinse with very cold water. “This will cause your pores to close up nice and tight, which will prevent them from releasing as much oil throughout the day,” says Jennifer. “Then add a light moisturizer – if you don’t moisturize at all, your face will over-produce oil!” Wait 10 minutes for the moisturizer to sink in, apply your primer, and then apply makeup on top.

Additional Refreshments: Typically refreshments aren’t served until after the ceremony, at the cocktail hour, or even reception, but if you plan to have an outdoor ceremony in the heart of the Texas summer, consider offering water bottles or other refreshments during the ceremony.

“A water station positioned near the entrance of your ceremony is a great way to welcome guests and keep them cool and comfortable. Regardless, it’s a great idea, in general, to hydrate your loved ones before the long night ahead and the cocktails to come.” – Mindy Weiss

Accessorize Your Wedding Day Look: “Parasols are picture-perfect. Capes, boleros, and wraps make great accessories for colder nights so you can dress for the heat by day. And royal wedding-style hats can keep you cool in an outdoor ceremony while looking more fashionable than functional.” – Mindy Weiss

Create Shade with Décor: Tenting and other canopy decorations can contribute to your beautiful design ambiance while also creating functionally appropriate shade for your guests for all instances that may be outside during your event.

Here are a few ideas from the team at Martha Stewart about creating additional shade at your outdoor summer wedding:


Umbrellas are an affordable way to provide cover for guests who need it-plus, they can double as favors. Dark colors will always attract the sun and make it even hotter, so choose a brightly-colored umbrellas if your goal is to help guests cool down. Clear umbrellas should also be avoided, as these create a greenhouse effect. Pick one style and stick to it: You don’t want to see a bunch of random colored umbrellas in the background of your photos! Paper parasols are pretty, popular options, too. You could also set up patio umbrellas instead of individual ones that move with guests.

Tented Lounge

If you’re hoping to avoid tenting your entire wedding, consider renting a tent for just one section of the celebration, like cocktail hour or your lounge. This will ensure that there’s a spot for guests who are too warm to escape to during the party.

Leafy Greens

If you can, choose to have your ceremony and reception in spaces with a lot of greenery or trees that can offer natural shade. You’ll love how it looks in your photos, and your guests will appreciate the break from the sun if it’s unbearably hot outside.

Make the Menu Summer Fun: Get creative with your refreshments and focus on the heat instead of trying to hide it. Think about incorporating popsicles, ice cream, snow cones, or other cool treats to embrace the summer season while keeping everyone cool at the same time.

According to Food and Wine – here are a few recommended cool food items:

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Ceremony Programs with Dual Purpose:

You can never go wrong with a fan to cool down with. Give your guests gifts for the outdoors in the form of programs shaped like fans, parasols, or even favors designed to keep them cool throughout the day and night.

No matter what time of year you decide to get married, there are considerations to take into account. From the potential of unpredictable ice in the winter to unimaginable heat – Texas has it all. At The Cinnamon Barn, our experienced team will help provide guidance throughout the planning process. In addition, our outdoor and indoor spaces provide versatility for your wedding day. To schedule a tour while our new venue is in the construction process, or to secure your wedding date, contact us today.

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