Frequently Asked

We always have an on-site venue manager at every event. The Cinnamon Barn also offers a month of wedding coordination service as an option, too! Let’s chat if you’re interested in taking advantage of this service, so you can relax leading up to your big day!

We offer a number of packages. Our pricing and hours are fixed for the package you select. There is a minimum of a 2 hour rental minimum for all our services.

We offer a number of services and offerings. For specific details on our packages please contact The Cinnamon Barn staff at

We can hold 300 people indoors in the Big Barn. We have a number of spaces both indoors and outdoors for your perfect day.

Yes, we offer Day of the Wedding Coordination packages. As part of our package, we will hold at least 2 meetings. 

  • On the 90 day: We review vendors already booked, and start the discussion regarding your timeline and floorplan 
  • On the 45 day: We ask you to come in for the final details and walk-through! Note that your final floor plan is required 21 days before your wedding day 🙂

A 50% payment is required to secure your date at the time of contract, as dates are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Yes, we do! The Wedding Couple suite is a serene, natural-toned spacious room with couches, ample makeup stations, a coffee bar, and other amenities designed to be a place where friends and family can hang out, chit chat, and make memories while getting ready! Our suite comes with an en suite bathroom attached for privacy and convenience. We also have an outdoor putting green, picnic area perfect for you to relax, take pictures with your friends and family before your big day.  

We do not provide any refunds for cancellations. We will accommodate for a reschedule (date change) following the guidelines stated in our contract.

We allow you to bring your own decorations, but let’s chat to make sure it’s nothing hazardous, damaging to the walls or floors, or impossible to clean up (Did somebody say glitter…?) We will be happy to share our policies and procedures that outline decor do’s and don’ts

Yes you can. The Cinnamon Barn has a number or packages to accommodate requests for tables, linens and chairs for your use. We do not provide silverware. Most caterers can provide you with silverware. We can also provide you with catering accessories – just ask us.

The Cinnamon Barn will sweep, mop, and clean all the facilities, as well as tear down the tables and chairs. We ask that all items be removed from the tables prior to us cleaning up. The bridal suites and groom’s suites should be tidied up as well. We ask your vendors to make sure all decor is removed, and your caterer to adhere to the clean-up policies we have for our catering kitchen as well as designated trash areas. 

While The Cinnamon Barn has an open vendor policy, we do ask that they be fully insured. Caterers should maintain a minimum $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and name The Cinnamon Barn as an additional insured. You can purchase the day of the wedding insurance here.

Yes you can. The Cinnamon Barn provides tables and chairs for your use. We do not provide linen or silverware. Most caterers can provide you with silverware and linens. We can also provide you with recommendations on linen companies – just ask us.

We only host one wedding or an event a day. The day is yours, and so is the Cinnamon Barn! You can enjoy our main barn, our outdoor patio, and courtyard next to the fountain or set up a tented option in the lush pasture.

We allow access to the venue at 12 pm. Set up is done the day of your wedding; and during the rental block. If you do need extra time and want to come in at 8 AM we allow you to do that and you can purchase extra hours – just ask us.

Make sure your DJ, live band, or dueling piano folks carry liability insurance! Also, we ask them to bring mats with them instead of sticky tape to avoid trip hazards on exposed wires. Music needs to end by 11 pm unless you have written permission from The Cinnamon Barn!

Give us a call at 214.336.2196 or email us at, and we will be happy to schedule you for a tour to view our venue.

Absolutely!. You have 1-hour access to The Cinnamon Barn outside your rental period for you to come over and take pictures with your photographer! Just let us know and we can schedule a time for you to come by, so please email or call us.

We ask our brides to provide us with your floor plans at least due 21 days prior to your event. If you have added Month of Coordination services, we will review it at both your 120 -day and 45-day preliminary details meeting. 

Definitely. It is Texas, after all 😉 We have a few options:

Our covered patio can seat up to 60 guests in a ceremony style seating, OR we can use lush white drapes to section the indoor barn to hold your ceremony. We then pull back the drapes and rearrange the Barn to set it up for your reception while you’re getting pictures done! 

Yes we allow animals, but please approve it in writing from The Cinnamon Barn. Approved animals are allowed outside only for the ceremony, and arrangements will need to be made for them to hang out in an equally awesome place, other than The Cinnamon Barn while you’re dancing away during your reception! Please pick up after your fur babies.

Absolutely. It has to be served by a TABC certified and insured bartender, however. All alcohol must be brought in on the day of the event; and must arrive 3-4 hours prior to the event so bartenders can set up and chill necessary items. Ice chests and extra ice are your responsibility. There is an ice machine on-site, if you need more than its capacity you are responsible for bringing extra ice on site. 

Yes, we allow the use of outside vendors. Bartenders need to be TABC certified. All Vendors need to be licensed and insured. While we have a full catering kitchen on-site for your vendors, we do not allow on-site cooking. 

Absolutely. You get a 1-hour rehearsal outside of your rental period!. Rehearsal times are based on venue availability. We offer the same level of privacy for every couple, and we will only schedule a rehearsal if there is no event happening at the same time!

Set up and take down of floors/tables/chairs are included in the venue fee. However, all items and trash brought by you, your vendors, or your guests are to be removed from the indoor space by the end of your rental period. The Cinnamon Barn will clean up the Bridal and the groom’s suites. Any excessive trash (boxes from flowers, decors, favors) is the responsibility of the client and must be taken to the dumpster. The kitchen and bar should be free of food and beverages, wiped down, swept, and mopped by your caterer. You are responsible for making sure that your vendors are completely finished and out by the end of your 12-hour time frame. The Vendors are responsible for removing their trash. If your vendors do not remove their trash, you will be responsible for trash removal. We have 2 on-site dumpsters for your use. Any items not taken care of may result in loss of full or partial Incidental Fee and Damage Deposit fee.

Yes. Should the Client choose to use a caterer NOT on The Cinnamon Barn’s Preferred Vendors List then said Caterer must be approved by The Cinnamon Barn and meet the following requirements.

  • Caterers not on The Cinnamon Barn Preferred list need to turn in their COI (Certificate of Insurance) with the Cinnamon Barn listed as the partner and must come on-site no less than 30 days prior to the event for a Venue walkthrough.
  • Caterers must provide adequate staff members in line with The Cinnamon Barn staffing ratio requirements. 
  • The Caterer is responsible for bussing and refilling drinks and/or drink stations. 
  • We recommend at least 2 members must stay until the end of the night to fulfill the above duties. 
  • The Caterer is responsible for taking out the trash. 
  • Caterers have the capability to assist with a room flip should the Client choose an indoor ceremony. Decisions on a room flip may be decided up until the day of an event.
  • The use of any barbeques, grills, heaters, or fryers is subject to the approval of The Cinnamon Barn and local regulations (i.e., county-wide burn bans may be in effect). Should the Client’s Caterer wish to use any of said equipment Caterer must have prior authorization from The Cinnamon Barn.

**It is strongly encouraged that the Client gets the Catering company approved by The Cinnamon Barn prior to signing Caterer’s contract. **

We have 177 parking spots and additional overflow available for your guests! If you have a lot of family coming in from out of town, there are several transportation companies you can utilize to shuttle your guests to and from The Cinnamon Barn. You’re more than welcome to hire a valet company to spoil your guests, too! Guests will pull into the circle drive located in front of the main buildings and their car will then be parked in the designated lot. 

Cell service is great at The Cinnamon Barn! Since we are located 15 minutes away from McKinney, you are able to utilize rideshare options as well. Finally, do let your guests know ahead of the wedding day that if they need to leave their car overnight and utilize a rideshare service instead, they are more than welcome to do so. We just ask that the vehicles be picked up by 9 am the next morning so the venue can be ready to welcome the next wedding! 

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