2023 Wedding Trends You’re Going To LOVE!

2023 Wedding Trends You’re Going To LOVE!

Wedding Trends! Yes, Yes, Yes! Every year brings new wedding trends, and 2023 is no different. But we’re incredibly excited about what 2023’s weddings will bring because our barn will be open, and our couples will say, “I Do.” So get your fingers and Pinterest boards ready; here are the 2023 wedding trends you will love.

You’re about to learn everything you need to know to plan the wedding of your dreams in 2023.

2022 was a year we’ll all remember as the post-pandemic wedding boom. After so many marriages in a short period of time and after a time of rigorous regulations, the traditional wedding is going to undergo its most significant change yet. Therefore, the focus of wedding trends for 2023 is on reinventing your wedding to meet your needs and provide an authentic experience for your guests.

Unique Wedding Trends In 2023 You Can’t Miss

Wedding Weekends On The Rise In 2023

No, a festival-style wedding is not only for celebrities. Perfect for intimate weddings or grand events with many out-of-town guests, we’re seeing more couples opting to skip traditional wedding venues and instead book a venue that can accommodate a weekend soiree.

How To Host A Wedding Weekend

The wedding weekend itinerary? Ease into wedding festivities with a quiet Friday surrounded by family and friends by hosting a welcome party. On day two you can have some organized games and a picnic or BBQ. Then it’s time for an unforgettable ceremony and reception on Saturday. And recover on Sunday with a brunch. What an incredible way to celebrate your love story and “I Do’s.”

Private Last Dance

We love this idea and hope it becomes the hottest 2023 wedding trend. Ask your DJ to play a song for you two as your guests prepare to leave. Thus, for the first time all day, you can see your venue empty and fully appreciate the occasion. You don’t get to spend much private time with your spouse on the wedding day, even though it is all about you. This allows you to enjoy your barn reception space for a few moments without all eyes on you!

Unique Entertainment

The entertainment you select for your wedding reception should make it a joyful and entertaining celebration of your marriage. The days of hiring a live band or DJ are long gone. Instead, couples are now choosing more original and engaging types of entertainment.


Everything from aerialists to fire dancers is on display. When choosing entertainment for your wedding, look outside the box if you want it to be genuinely memorable.

Twilight Wedding

Another exciting wedding trend in 2023 is twilight weddings. A twilight ceremony may be ideal for couples who want to create something unique and get married in the fall or winter. The backdrop for your special day can be even more stunning by how quickly the evenings grow darker. A twilight wedding is a ceremony that begins any time after 5.30 pm, skips the traditional wedding meal, and goes straight to the reception.


A twilight wedding is an attractive option if you want to remove the pressure of entertaining your wedding guests for an entire day and save money by reducing or eliminating food requirements.

2023 Wedding Venue Trends

All-Inclusive Venues

Who’s idea was it to make wedding guests commute to a second location during traditional weddings, anyway? Having a ceremony in one place and then moving to a second venue for the reception is out the window in 2023. 


Instead, select a location where you can get ready, do your ceremony, take pictures, and host your reception without worrying about getting all your guests to a secondary site. Barn wedding venues in North Texas are perfect for this. They offer multiple venue spaces all in one location. So your guests can simply park once and enjoy the entire event. All-inclusive wedding venue trends in 2023 will be on the rise.

Barn Wedding Venues


Wedding Photography Trends In 2023

Candid wedding photography has traveled far beyond mid-laugh candid shots and pre-wedding, first-look shoots. In the online world of bridal reels, destination photo shoots, and larger-than-life photograph dreams, 2023 wedding photography trends are changing at the drop of the hat.

Wedding Highlight Reels

In this day and age of ever-shrinking attention spans, compiling five-minute-long wedding highlights to share on social media is necessary! Nobody has time to watch hours of wedding celebration videos to understand what is happening. As a result, creating social media-friendly “highlight reels” of wedding ceremonies will be trendy in 2023. They’re also a great way to let people who couldn’t attend the wedding see significant moments.

Black & White

Because of their artistic worth, black and white photographs will return to fashion in 2023. Due to its simplicity and minimalism, you may express your feelings and add a little drama to turn a snapshot into a work of art. It is enduring, adaptable, undistracted, and subtle. Black & white images somehow seem to portray emotion in a way that color photographs simply cannot, whether it be nostalgia, love, grief, or yearning.


Can’t you just imagine your photographer snapping an epic black & white photograph with our majestic all-white barn as the backdrop? As the newest barn wedding venue in North Texas, The Cinnamon Barn has everything you need for the perfect 2023 wedding day.

Flash Photography

Direct flash photography is increasingly gaining favor, particularly with indoor weddings and celebrations. It makes for gorgeous photos with a glamorous edge and lends the after-party a sense of being stuck in time that is almost palpable.


We can’t wait to see our couple’s actual wedding photos and how these 2023 wedding photography trends come to life. 

2023 Wedding Decor & Floral Trends

Bold and distinctive color palettes are one of the top trends we’re projecting for 2023. So say goodbye to pastel colors and the white dress. Instead, more and more couples are choosing bold color choices that perfectly capture their personalities.


If you’re organizing a wedding for 2023, don’t be scared to try some unusual color combinations. And keep in mind that since it is your wedding, anything goes. 

Flower Installations

Couples tieing the knot in 2023 are looking for ways to cut the clutter. Couples are looking for flower installations instead of lots of smaller floral arrangements. A floral arch or one large flower cloud creates better wedding photo opportunities than something smaller.


There are so many astounding 2023 wedding trends that will surely steal our hearts, and we’re so excited to see them all. From distinctive color schemes to innovative new suggestions for your ceremony and reception, weddings in 2023 will be unique, unforgettable, and full of experiences. 

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